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jp leduc studios llc

"Jesus is a great communicator. His ideas, teachings, encouragement and style motivates me to learn more not only about leadership but about life in general. He is inspirational and engaging. He knows what he's talking about. He is real and gets you straight to the point."

- Joshua - New York

Rev. Brian and Jennifer Presley

Rev. Brian and Jennifer Presley

PAstor and engaging Leader

“I have the pleasure of sitting on one of Jesus’ seminar, and I have to say that Jesus is not just a great leader but funny, engaging and relevant to today's issues. He has this ability to communicate his ideas and concepts that are just easy to understand. I recommend Jesus to anyone who wants to have a great experience and get the best for your training and money.”

-Brian - Alabama


Little Pink Houses of America

“ I know that the conference I took with ILEAD was designed to be presented in several weeks. Jesus did a great job presenting the high points in several hours. I pretty much heard most of these points in my life but this is a great way of putting them altogether reminding me of things that I need to keep in my mind about how to be a leader of integrity and I highly recommend it these training. I highly recommend ILEAD and Jesus for any training.

Richard- Alabama

Alan Balmer

Alan Balmer

Recommendation for your class...I would highly encourage you to participate in the leadership and life training sessions hosted by Jay Perez. Jay's presentation style lends itself to real world application, which will facilitate growth in your life journey. Having participated in Jay's facilitation of Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn, I can certainly recommend your participation in a future session. Alan Balmer Personal Financial Coach and Author www.alanbalmer.net